Established in 1938, Deeny Construction Co., Inc. is a third generation family-owned underground utility contractor. In the midst of the Great Depression John Deeny, armed with only six picks and shovels, a 1934 panel truck, and a great entrepreneurial spirit, took a chance and started what has evolved into what we are today. Although he might not recognize much about the present day Deeny Construction, he would recognize the principles of integrity, safety and quality, the same overriding characteristics on which he founded our company. 

Through the early years the company struggled to survive. John Deeny was forced to take a second and third job to support his young family. After the Second World War, the company began to find its identity. Working for and developing strong relationships with customers as diverse as Boeing, the University of Washington and Swedish Hospital, Deeny Construction began to develop the reputation it maintains to this day. 

The company was not immune to the cyclical nature of construction. As prosperity ruled during the booms of the late ‘60s and ‘70s, times were tough through most of the ‘80’s. During the early 1960’s, John’s son Terry joined the firm full-time and slowly took over the day to day running of the business. Where John’s entrepreneurial flair and commitment to hard work defined his leadership style, Terry brought new energy and vision to the job. Although he logged many years of seventy hour weeks, Terry took the expression “work smarter not harder” to heart. He made it a priority to surround himself with talented individuals that would help the company grow and prosper. Terry also began to become more and more involved with the Associated General Contractors. Recognizing the invaluable resource the AGC represented, he soaked up cutting edge management principles his contacts across the country allowed him access to and applied them to his growing company. His commitment to the AGC culminated in his role as national president of the association in 1999.

In 1988 Terry’s son Jon joined the firm. Just as Terry brought a new dimension to Deeny so did Jon. With a marketing and public relations background, Jon looked to build on the company’s reputation. As Terry’s AGC commitment grew, Jon began assuming some leadership duties. By the turn of the century he was ready to run the business. Although no one knows exactly what our company’s future will bring, it is a certainty that staying true to the vision “We Dig Safer and Better” will be priority number one.